6 Sep 2017

Birthdays 2016

So much to catch up on with all sorts of different things made over the last year. I'll start with the kids birthdays from 2016.

They were each told they could have 2 friends and choose an activity. Chloe went with roller skating and Alex went with indoor rock climbing. Naturally their invitations had to reflect this.

Roller skates for the girls

Mini climbing walls for the boys

The cakes were a different theme though - Pokemon! Alex is obsessed and Chloe likes the cute ones so each child chose a different one for their cake.
Alex chose Latias.
This was just done with a black icing outline and flooded with royal icing.

The base cake of Igglybuff.
The body was made in a 6 inch/15cm tin as we didn't need a big cake.

Chloe chose Igglybuff to match a toy she was given after a trip to Japan

29 Aug 2016

Little Bunny Amigurumi

I love Pinterest!! I found these cute little bunnies and had to make them. The only trouble is the pattern isn't in english, but it was actually easy to work out as it is only single crochets, increases and decreases. 

I made the green one first which was cute, and then the purple one. I ran out of the darker purple and had to use a slightly lighter shade for the ears - that's what I get for using leftover balls of wool. I also think the nose on the purple one is a bit big, so the next one will be smaller. I'm currently working on a super soft baby pink one which my daughter has her eye on.

24 May 2016


These are just tooooo cute! A friend wanted a rainbow unicorn for her rainbow baby but the pattern she originally saw was too big for me to say I'd do it. Then I saw this super cute unicorn by ahooka'migurumi who has some great patterns. This one is in a free e-book of 8 patterns. Well worth looking at.

My biggest issue was getting the right yarns. The white is a baby wool, the tail/mane is cotton (I was able to get a small pack of mini yarns so I didn't have to get 7 50g balls). The tricky bit was the horn/hooves. I tried a few different silver crochet threats but in the end I went with some cross stitch thread. It was a very tricky bit to do as its only3 sc around, but I managed to do it...twice. I also had to try a couple of different eyes but found these at David's Emporium.  
Of course, once I had these 2 I had to make a rainbow turtle friend for them :)  (tiny striped turtle)

Finished chevron blanket

I actually managed to get it all done, all the little triangles finished and all the ends sent in. I had grand ideas of how I was going to join all 4 sections but in the end I did 2 rows of single crochet around each section then single crocheted them together. It's nice and big and super cosy. It's rather heavy but it will be perfect to snuggle under this winter.

16 Mar 2016

Chevron crochet blanket

I wanted to try out a chevron pattern so had a good look through Pinterest. There were some that just looked too difficult, but this one had a cool ridge detail as well that comes about naturally with the pattern. I used this one from Eat, Knit & DIY, though I changed how she fills in the triangles at the ends. I decided to follow the original pattern to keep it all looking uniform. I started just following the pattern size with a view to giving it to Beanies for Babies, but I fell in love with the colours and have ended up making 4 of the pattern and I will join them all into one big blanket.
The pattern for my end triangles mostly follows the pattern so if you've got the pattern sorted this should be easy to follow, but I'll put down how I count it out. I'm going to sc around the edge a couple of times which should make the edges look much tidier. 

The space you are going to fill looks like an inverted triangle with the point at the bottom. From this bottom point count 12 sc up the right side and join the wool and ch1 (this is like the first sc).
Working back toward the bottom point:
sc10, sk1, sc11, ch1 turn
sc8, sk2, sc8, sk1, ch1 turn
sc6, sk2, sc6, sk1, ch1 turn
sc4, sk2, sc4, sk1, ch1 turn
sc2, sk2, sc2, sk1, ch1 turn
sc1, sk1, sc1, slst1, finish off

Birthday Calendar

I've seen this all over Pinterest and so had to make one for myself. The top is a piece of MDF. The letters of 'Family' were purchased at Spotlight. I ended up using cork tiles for the birthday squares which took a bit of effort to cut but were easy to put the screws in to. I got 3 test pots of paint for the squares and added some white to get 3 varied shades of each. I used them to follow family lines...kinda.
Base coats done.
15mm screws were for between the main board and the month names. 10mm screws were for between each birthday square
I opened the top screws into hooks and left them open to add names as needed.
Finished. A piece of ribbon for it to hang from. I purchased a paint pen to write the names which worked really well.

Kindy quilt - Finished!

I actually finished this quite a while ago, and I 'm a bit annoyed that I didn't get a better picture of the finished product. It was well received as a leaving gift and I have actually been asked to make more things for another kindy centre. 
The colour in the pic is terrible, but it shows the quilting on the back.
The front after being quilted. The fleece worked really well instead of the batting.
Finished quilt. So nice and snuggly especially after a wash.