30 Aug 2010

Quiet book - page 4: Ice Cream colours

So this page is for colours. I first saw this idea on camillescasa and really liked it. I used my own design for the ice cream and cone but there are templates available on her page.

I had some scraps of leather that I had picked up so decided to use one for the ice cream cone. I scored the leather on a criss cross design to give the cone some detail.

The ice cream scoops are felt with fusing on the back, and hand stitched blanket stitch around the edge to help keep these tidy. There are 3 pieces of the fluffy half of velcro above the cone to put the scoops on.

I was going to have some more velcro to hold the spare scoops but decided to just sew a little pocket down the bottom to store them in.

In hindsight I would have put the cone a bit lower but I think it still works. Now if only Chloe could learn which colour is which...

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