20 Apr 2012

Scrap monsters

Alex has been having long naps recently, so the other day I thought Chloe and I could make scrap monsters. I had made one a while back when I was bored and he was named 'Eyeses' or 'Isis' as he only has eyes. 
I got our my scraps of material and Chloe chose what she wanted to use, what sort of limbs/features her one would have and what shape he would be. She helped me sew on the buttons and pressed certain buttons on the sewing machine so that it was a joint effort. The body is about the size of my palm.
Isis, Patrick and Icy

The back

I then made one as she wanted me to use the pink fleece. When he was inside-out he looked a lot like the starfish on Spongebob Squarepants and so he was named - Patrick.
A bit of fun for an afternoon. These could make fun beanbags as well.

Polar Bear

I got one done!! Tick!!
I finally sat down and sewed together the polar bear that I had already cut out and pinned. It really didn't take long which was great. Chloe had picked out a fat quarter of this material one day and decided that I would make her a soft toy with it. I found a book of patterns at the library and this is the result. It is designed to lie down so looks a little funny when being cuddled, but she loves it. It's name is Spotty.

The bell around his neck is from an easter bunny. At least he's not gonna sneak up on us. 

5 Apr 2012


When I first saw the term 'WIP' I had no idea what people were on about. It took me a while but I worked it out - work in progress. I am a little depressed that I have accumulated a number of WIP's and also a couple of W-to-be-IP's. I thought if I listed them then I could work through them, hopefully one at a time. I have this bad habit of starting something and then seeing something else cool to make so starting that at the same time. I'm just glad the quilt is done! 

 *beanie for Beanies for Babies (to be given to hospitals and such for new babies and kiddies who need them. BFB Facebook page
*singlet for Beanies for Babies 
*soft toy for Chloe from some material she chose at Spotlight one day *PJ's for Alex for winter *PJ's for Chloe for winter 
*cover for second seat cushion so we have a spare 
*fluffy knitted bolero for Chloe 
*knitted dragon hats for friends having babies in the Year of the Dragon 
*quilt for Alex (in design phase, material purchased) 
*cushion to match Chloe's quilt (designed, won't be started until I get this list smaller)

 Hmmm, I thought of more as I went. I just don't seem to find the time at the moment to get them done, or the motivation after the kids are in bed. Maybe if I finish one then I'll be inspired to do the rest. Right, off to do some knitting!