7 Jan 2012

Quilt update...again

After getting the birthday party out of they way and christmas under our belt I thought I'd re-visit the quilt that has been patiently sitting at the side of my craft table for the last couple of months.

I managed to piece together the strips that will make up the binding so that I don't have that step to do when I get to the end. I also put together all the extra little squares that will make up the strip across the back of the quilt.

I also got all of the larger squares put together which actually didn't take too long with chain piecing. I have even got the first row sewn together!
The squares in place to show the layout. The border strips look shorter as I haven't allowed for the seams when laying the squares out.
Now I just have to keep the momentum up and get all the pieces sewn together. With no more pressing projects I will hopefully get it sorted soon. It is very indicative of my OCD that I am looking forward to sewing together the rows to see if all the seams line up.

Looking good so far. This pic should give me the inspiration to get it together.