26 May 2013

Crochet Hoot

I have finished Hoot! Using a pattern from Six Little Mice I whipped him up in no time (well, it actually took a while as the body is 81 stitches around and that's a lot of single crochets). Pretty happy with how he turned out. Next - Hootabelle.

Finished Hoot

23 May 2013

Rainbow Bread

Thank you Pinterest! Another great idea that I could do with my girl. I made rolls instead of a loaf and had to adjust my bread recipe as I had a different kind of yeast, but it still worked great. She took the sandwich to kindy today and I can't wait to hear what the reaction was.

Before cooking. I made a log and cut it into 8 pieces. I then rolled each piece a bit so it looked a little more like a bread roll.

Just out of the oven.


Kindy lunch. I sliced the top and bottom off to show off the rainbow.

20 May 2013

Crochet Gizmo

I was inspired by family recently to attempt to make a Mogwai. For those who haven't seen the film 'Gremlins' a Mogwai is a furry little creature that can transform into evil little monsters if you don't follow the rules. Anyway....I couldn't find a good crochet pattern for a Mogwai that I liked. In the end I found a cute picture of one with a partial pattern and I ended up making lots of it up!

I am in the process of typing up the pattern that I made up. I have taken bits from the original, but changed lots as I think mine is a bit bigger than the original. I'll post the pattern when I get it done. 

EDIT: Here is the pattern I used. If you use it in conjunction with the original post it may actually make sense. I apologise if it's hard to read, but this is my first crochet pattern and I am new to amigurumi. If anything doesn't make sense please let me know and I will try to explain. The head is just plain tricky and I did a bit to just make it work. I have tried to add explanations in the pattern too. First time linking a PDF as well so let me know if there are any issues.

Gizmo Crochet Pattern

Finished Crochet Mogwai
Before arms and legs
Back - next time I wouldn't do the white as high up the back


Side/top view to show the hands