11 Sep 2010

Quiet book - page 5: Flower Pot

I felt like I was on a roll with the quiet book and whipped up this page really quickly. This page is to practice with buttons, with the flowers able to be unbuttoned.

Easy to do - started by cutting out the flowers and attaching fusing to the back, and again doing a blanket stitch around them to keep them tidy. I then used my handy buttonhole foot to create the buttonholes in the middle of the flowers. I chose buttons that didn't take up too much room as the buttonhole needed to fit on the flower with room to spare.

For the stalks I used some green ribbon which I first hand stitched to the flower, then I sewed the other end to the page after placing them where I wanted them. The flower pot was sewn over all of this.

Final step was to sew on the buttons. I pinned the flower stems down first so that the buttons were in the right place and....voila!

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