8 Nov 2010

Quiet book - page 6: Apple tree

This was another one that I saw on a different blog, but of course I can't remember which one. This page requires the apples to be taken off the tree and put in the basket.

The apples are made of felt and I have backed them and done a blanket stitch around them before sewing on a snap.

The tree trunk is felt and the tree 'leaves' is cut from cut from cotton and then both have been sewn around and onto the page.

For the basket I started with 2 pieces of white cotton, one rounded a bit at the top for the back of the basket, and the other a bit concave for the front of the basket. I then sewed some gauze to the front piece of white cotton to give the basket a weave look. Then both pieces were sewn to the page. I puckered the front piece a bit so it would pouch out enough to fit the apples in.

Finally I got out my fabric paints to add the hill, some grass and a flower, otherwise the page would have been a bit blank. Then finished as I did with the others with some bias around the edge, and now it is actually in the book. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

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