24 Sep 2011

Cute Summer Dress

I saw this pattern ages ago and couldn't resist buying it, even though the smallest size on it is age 3yrs. I pulled it out again recently and realised that now would be the perfect time to make it, as Chloe is nearly 3 and doesn't have many dresses for this summer. At a trip to Spotlight I saw some royal blue drill with white spots and knew it was perfect. 

It is actually a false cross-over (as you may have picked by the zip in the back), and is all sewn together under the sash, but the skirt crosses right over to the other side so it's not really obvious.It also means that it's not going to come undone with all the running around a 3 year old does.

It's a fiddly pattern, especially with putting binding around the armholes, and in some places you are sewing through 5+ layers of material, but otherwise not too bad. I won't be rushing to make another one though.

I just had to have a go at a handbag to match as well, and I think a nice fat headband is in order too. This is the handbag so far:

It has been modelled on a bag I found online, and when I can find the link I'll add it. I had to reduce the size by half so that the bottom is about 10" wide and it's about 7" high in total - perfect for a box of raisins and a little toy.

I'll try and get some pics of Chloe in it all when I get the accessories done.

ETA: website with the bag pattern is this one

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