20 Apr 2012

Scrap monsters

Alex has been having long naps recently, so the other day I thought Chloe and I could make scrap monsters. I had made one a while back when I was bored and he was named 'Eyeses' or 'Isis' as he only has eyes. 
I got our my scraps of material and Chloe chose what she wanted to use, what sort of limbs/features her one would have and what shape he would be. She helped me sew on the buttons and pressed certain buttons on the sewing machine so that it was a joint effort. The body is about the size of my palm.
Isis, Patrick and Icy

The back

I then made one as she wanted me to use the pink fleece. When he was inside-out he looked a lot like the starfish on Spongebob Squarepants and so he was named - Patrick.
A bit of fun for an afternoon. These could make fun beanbags as well.

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