6 Sep 2017

Birthdays 2016

So much to catch up on with all sorts of different things made over the last year. I'll start with the kids birthdays from 2016.

They were each told they could have 2 friends and choose an activity. Chloe went with roller skating and Alex went with indoor rock climbing. Naturally their invitations had to reflect this.

Roller skates for the girls

Mini climbing walls for the boys

The cakes were a different theme though - Pokemon! Alex is obsessed and Chloe likes the cute ones so each child chose a different one for their cake.
Alex chose Latias.
This was just done with a black icing outline and flooded with royal icing.

The base cake of Igglybuff.
The body was made in a 6 inch/15cm tin as we didn't need a big cake.

Chloe chose Igglybuff to match a toy she was given after a trip to Japan

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