28 Feb 2010

ABC border

We moved house a few weeks before Chloe was born (NOT recommended) and I wanted to add something to the room that I had made. I decided to make an alphabet border to go on the one blank wall.

I started by printing out the alphabet from the computer using a font I liked. These got traced onto 4 different coloured cards, then came the cutting out. I did this during the numerous naps a newborn has.

One of the cut out letters

I liked the idea of putting them on velum, and it was handy that I had a few sheets already. I used a white and a cream/gold colour and cut out squares a bit bigger than the letters.

Letters on alternating velum colours

From there I used a velum spray glue to attach the letters. This was so much easier then using a craft glue and I had them done in no time.

I found some cute, clear pegs which I used to attach the letters to a piece of string I had strung across the wall. I had to put an extra hook in the middle to prevent the whole lot sagging.

I would probably use a darker yellow if I did something like this again, but I am quite happy with how it turned out.

Finished product

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