28 Feb 2010

Tag cloth

You know how babies always go for the tag on any toy.... well I saw these in a few places and knew my daughter would love them and I thought I could make them myself.
My first attempt, well chewed by Chloe.

Cut 2 different types of fabric into any shape you like, as long as they are the same. I used flannelette and microfleece and cut them into rectangles.

Next cut multiple pieces of ribbon. You can either cut them different lengths or all the same. I cut mine about 3cm/1.5" long, but I didn't measure so they were all slightly different. I also sealed the ends by holding them close to a lighter flame. Just make sure you don't put the ribbon in the flame. If you hold it very close the ends melt a bit and it stops them fraying.

Pin the ribbon to the right side of one of the pieces of material so that they are pointing toward the middle. This way they will point out when you turn the finished product right-side out. Sew the ribbon to this one piece of material about 1/4" from edge.

Pin the second piece on top of the first with the ribbon between the two. At this stage you could also lay a piece of plastic bag on the material to give it a crinkle sound when scrunched. On this one I have put some in one corner. Sew the material pieces together leaving an opening of 2".

Turn right-side out. Top stitch around the edge 1/8" to sew up the opening, and also to add an extra row of stitching to capture the ribbon. This means that the ribbon has now been sewed in 3 times - very safe for baby to pull on.

This was very popular with my little girl. She loved chewing on the bits of ribbon, and I found it useful as a dribble cloth too.

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