5 Apr 2010

New Sewing Machine!!

I am so excited. I have just spent the last few days playing with my fancy new sewing machine. My old one (a Brother Pacesetter) was a present from my parents years ago and it has done me well with the bits and pieces of sewing that I have done in that time. I finally decided that, as I am doing more sewing crafts, and would like to make more clothes for Chloe, I needed a new machine.

My darling husband came with me the first time to look at new machines. He couldn't contain his giggles as I stared wide eyed at these fancy new machines that threaded their own needles, did their own reinforcement stitches and even cut the thread themselves. I knew I was in trouble when he pointed out the fancy new Brother Innov-is 1250D. It did all the new fangled sewing stuff I had just fallen in love with as well as embroidery, and not just that it had some Disney embroidery designs.

I had a look at more machines to do my due diligence but I kept coming back to the 1250D so hubby eventually said - just go and get it. That was thursday last week and today (monday) I have felt it was the right thing to do.

So the last few days were spent making tag cloths and cubes to get used to the way it works. I even made another stethoscope cover which involves a long thin piece of material and an open ended zip - a fiddly thing at the best of times and the last one was cause for a lot of frustration and unpicking, but this one was almost too easy.

Here is my first attempt at the embroidery side. I don't think I did too bad, especially as I have never done it before. The machine pretty much does it all anyway :-)

I'm gonna have fun playing with this.....

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