15 Apr 2010

Quilted blankie

My first attempts at embroidery with my new machine produced a few disney creations, namely Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger. I decided to piece these together in a little blanket for Chloe or some other baby of my choosing. I found some plain fabrics to match them up with - blue, yellow and green and spent a night painstakingly cutting them out.

I was able to use my new quilting foot to help me sew them up with lovely straight lines a perfect 1/4" from the edge, and then I ironed out all the seams to make them sit nice and flat.

I wanted to use satin on the back and, somewhat foolishly, decided to use the satin for a border on the front as well. After some fun making sure that the strips I cut were straight I got those sewn on as well and even got the corners looking pretty good (if I do say so myself).

Now a true quilt has binding around the edges to make it all look good, but I didn't have any binding and really couldn't be bothered making any so I went for the easy option. I cut out a piece of satin for the back and a piece of batting the same size and sewed them all together around the edges, right sides together, and turned it right sides out.

Then came the fun part, and I swear I was seeing double after this. I got out my walking foot and quilted all the seams, including a line 1/8" from the edge on the border.

It isn't perfect, but for a blankie that I just wanted to use up my embroidery pieces on, I think it's kinda cool.

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