19 Oct 2010

Another Dress

Got some cheap denim at a fabric sale - yay. Decided to make another dress, and wanted to base it on one I saw in a store that had some cute cotton under the denim.

I started thinking that I would just line the denim with the cotton, but after some thinking changed my mind and made the dress reversible. So I made the dress up in each fabric and sewed them together - easy! I left the cotton a bit longer in the hem so that it shows under the denim when the denim is facing out.

I got pink and blue buttons and meant to have them on the contrasting sides, but my mind is so muddled with being pregnant (best excuse ever) that I forgot to do this and couldn't be bothered changing it.

Needs an iron, but that doesn't get done much in our house, and it will be wrinkly again so quickly...

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