29 Oct 2010

Birthday Invites

My little girl is going to be 2 soon! Can't believe how fast it's gone. For her birthday we decided to do a zoo theme as she loves going to the zoo. We were going to have the party at the zoo but decided to stay at home in the end a)to keep costs down and b) so the 9mth pregnant mum has everything handy and doesn't have to carry everything there.

The invites are made and ready to go out and I'm rather happy with them. They are modeled on the 'Friends of the Zoo' passes that Auckland Zoo does.

Using Photoshop I put together a series of 5 animal pictures for one side, and the other has the skin/fur of that animal under the invite info. My lovely hubby made a family zoo logo for it and the whole lot got laminated and put on a lanyard.
Before cutting and laminating

Now the weather just has to behave on the day!

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