5 Dec 2010

Embroidered Baby Outfit

This idea came from my sister who asked me to embroider a onsie for her son. I liked the finished product so much that I wanted to make one for our new one on the way.

I had a good look around to find a onsie that was plain white, and was happy when I found this one. The crossover means that the top bit can be embroidered but that the back of it wouldn't aggravate bubs skin. The one I used was from Cotton On Kids. If you can't find one like this then it's just a matter of covering the back of the embroidery with some soft fusing.

It took a while to get it all positioned, especially with the domes getting in the way, but worth spending the time to get it right. If I did it again I would probably make the lettering a bit smaller as the onsie is so small to start with.

Hopefully this can be worn by other babies from the family, and hopefully my baby is small enough to fit into it! (edited to add: He wasn't!)

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