10 Jun 2011

Soft Baby Book - take 2

I knew I'd make another soft baby book eventually. This is for a boy in my coffee group to play with on a long car trip....at least that's the plan.

I used most of the same templates as last time though I wanted this one to be a bit more interactive. I swapped the lion for a fluffy sheep and the shapes for a page with ribbons. The truck's tray is a fluffy piece of velcro, the apple has a piece of plastic underneath so it crinkles and the shark has some rick-rack water around it. I also added a loop at the top so it could be hooked on/attached to something to keep it from getting lost. It was whipped up in 2 nights so it's nowhere near perfect but I hope it is useful.

Front page

The ribbons are attached at one end. Fluffy truck :)

Shark and fluffy sheep.

Ball is nothing special. Crinkly apple.

Back page - water is polar-fleece, red sail is satin.

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