2 Aug 2011


I felt that I needed more bibs and had my nice green microfleece from Greenbeans so I made some.
The first was from a pattern I found on the internet, and of course I can't find it again (sorry!). I really like that it does up at the side which makes it much easier when Alex is lying down or in his car seat. It has microfleece on the front and toweling on the back. Not in the photo is the dome I added to do it up with.

This works really well at catching the food but needed to be a bit bigger so the next one I squared the bottom and widened it a bit. Next time I will make the transition from the neck bit to the square bit a bit less angular. The white bit is microfleece so is nice and soft around his neck. The bottom navy bit is flannelette and again it has toweling on the back. I quite like the look of this one with the contrasting colours.

I have just ordered some more microfleece so will have a think on how I will do the next one.

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