5 Aug 2011

Rattle Cube - The Fancy Version

A friend just had a baby girl so it was a great excuse to try something that I had been thinking about recently. This is my way of mixing the cloth book with the rattle cube to make it a bit more interesting. The letters are her initials and the flower on the top has crinkly petals.

The crinkly petals were a bit of a challenge. After trying to sew a petal right sides together then turn right way out (not easy with plastic involved) I ended up drawing around a template onto a piece of felt, then sandwiching my plastic between that and another piece of felt, then sewing inside the lines I had drawn.

After this I cut along the lines and then zig-zaged the edges so that it was tidy and you couldn't see any pen marks.

I trimmed the ends of the petals until they were the length I wanted (I knew they would hang over a bit but I'm happy with that). I then cut a pentagon to fit in the middle so there wasn't a big hole in the middle. I straight stitched then zig-zaged the petals onto the material and once I had put the green centre on that was straight stitched then zig-zaged as well. Those petals aren't going anywhere!

The letters were put on a satin square with Heat 'N Bond then I zig-zaged the edges.
These are the squares ready to be sewn together.

Here's the final cube. I added a loop so it can be attached to things.

I'm actually pretty happy with this and a little sad to give it away, but I'm also excited to be giving it as a pressie for this new precious little bundle.

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