27 Oct 2011

Up-cycled T-shirt to dress

I think it's called up-cycling. I'm sure I've seen that term used a bit recently. Anyway, I was clearing out my old t-shirts and came across a yellow one that I hadn't worn much at all. I think I only bought it for a work event. I have made a couple into skirts for Chloe and decided to make this one into a throw on dress for summer that can get as filthy as Chloe can get it, and I won't stress. 
Here's what I did:
Start with an old t-shirt
Cut off sleeves. Sew up side to remove some of the bulk, making it fit a 3 year old better
Sew seam and trim away extra fabric
Pin up how much you need to take out of the shoulder seam, cut along the front piece at this point. I folded the back on itself and sewed the edges down as I needed the front to meet the back at the collar as I wanted to re-use the existing collar.
Pin the front to the back so that the collar meets

Trim the back piece to match the front

Sew up the shoulders. I top stitched the shoulder seams so they lay a bit flatter.
I still need to finish the arm holes some way. I was just going to leave them, but when I tried it on Chloe I decided it needed to be finished. I'll probably just roll a small hem and stitch it down. I'm thinking it might work well as a beach cover-up.

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