4 Nov 2011

Cushion mattress - part 2

I finally got around to finishing the cushion mattress. It didn't take very long in the end, just lots of long bits to sew. I started by folding over the selvage edges about 1" and sewing close to the selvage edge. 

I then folded my material in half so that the selvage edges were together, and sewed the ends closed. My sections are going to be 50cm wide so I measured 1m from the middle to get the point where I sewed the ends closed. Then I trimmed the ends and zigzaged.

Fold to a long strip
Sew the ends (hard to see with red thread on red, sorry)
Then I marked every 50cm with a pin. The velcro was cut to 45cm and centered between the pins, and sewn in place.

Then you just turn it right side out and sew the middle divisions.

Fill with cushions and your done :)

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