10 Nov 2011

Rainbow T-shirts

This idea was from my awesome mum. I have a plan to make a rainbow skirt for Chloe for the Rainbow Birthday Party, but wasn't sure what to do for Alex. I was contemplating using the fabric from the skirt and some Heat n Bond To do a rainbow on a t-shirt for him when mum suggested I just paint one. Brilliant!! Especially as I already have fabric paint. All I needed was a couple of $5 t-shirts from Baby Factory.

I took a rainbow I had made in Photoshop and printed it in black and white. I cut around the outside and traced around it onto the t-shirt with pencil. I then cut off the top strip and traced along the top of the new top stripe. I kept doing this until I had traced each stripe.

Then came the fun part - painting in between the lines. I got the red, orange and yellow done, but couldn't mix a green I was happy with so had to go out and buy another pot, and I got some indigo at the same time cause I just knew I wouldn't be able to mix that either. 

The end result is so cute. (Yes, I did one for Chloe as well).

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