19 Dec 2011

Rainbow Party

Party day finally arrived. I was really excited to put together all the things I have been making over the last month or so. Here is a selection of the decorations/food.

Top: Bunting with pictures of the kids - one per month for the last year
Left: Windmill from Seedling in an old cream bottle
Middle: CAKE!!
Bottom: String of balloons hung over the table

You can kinda see the food under the cover

Food included: Fairy bread; jelly in shot glasses; mars bar slice; assorted lollies; rainbow of fruit; asparagus rolls; mini quiches; sausage rolls; cocktail sausages with dinner rolls to make mini hot dogs. We also brought out a frozen pizza towards the end to make sure the men had been fed properly.

Another view - Chloe and her friend digging in
This photo you can see the bowls of different coloured M&M's that I painstakingly separated. I wasn't sure how many I would need for the cake and it appears I overestimated. Not a problem as I now have M&M's to last to the new year.

The awesome rainbow balloon arch hubby made
The party was a great success (even though it rained, grrrr). Lots of food was eaten, toys were played with and there were no 1yr old meltdowns. Now for christmas....

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