9 Feb 2012

Hobo bag birthday present

Chloe's friend Holly is having her 3rd birthday this weekend and I was trying to think of what I could get her. Then I realised 'why buy something when I can make something!!' I had seen this hobo bag which I thought was cool, so I adapted the decoration to add Holly's name and a butterfly which is the theme of the party. 

Little pocket inside for little treasures

Of course I had to put something in the bag so I got a couple of sheets of butterfly stickers and then put together this colouring book with a few 'H' pictures. I did each page on a separate piece of paper on purpose so that there were a few blank pages for creative drawing without having to keep between the lines. It took me a little while to come up with 'H' nouns but I ended up with horse, heart, hamburger, hat, hippo and holly (of course). The font on the book is the same font I used for the name on the bag (Hobo Std in Photoshop).

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