6 Feb 2012

The Quilt continued

I finally got a weekend to do some more of the quilt. I have been piecing it together, and got myself some batting and some basting spray to be able to actually finish it. This weekend I used the basting spray to put it together, though I must say that it wasn't as great as I had hoped and I still pinned it all down as well. I followed the directions on the can but maybe I didn't use enough as it just didn't stick very well.

The quilt in the machine

All laid out, pinned and ready for quilting
I decided to quilt it by doing a stitch-in-the-ditch around the large squares (so basically along the lines separating the rows), and then sew around the smaller squares in the middle of the larger squares. I'll have to practice a bit more before I try free-hand quilting on a project this big. I have managed to quilt along the lines around the big squares, and have done 3 little squares - only 22 to go! Glad I remembered to start in the centre of the quilt and work out with the quilting as it needed a bit of re-pinning as I went to smooth it all out.

The end is in sight and I'm pretty excited to get it done now. Maybe it will be ready for autumn when Chloe will need another layer on her bed.

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