13 Jun 2012

Magnet Board

I found this one on Pinterest and have wanted to do it since I saw it. I am a bit tired of not being able to use the fridge when the kids are playing with the magnetic letters. This way they have their own space to play and my fridge can become less cluttered - that's the theory anyway.

I got myself a oil drip tray from an auto store (unfortunately they only had skinny ones). I gave it a light sand then 2 coats of white undercoat. I already had some magenta wall paint but thought that might be a bit much in a big block so I taped off some stripes before doing the top coat. The edges looked like they may scuff the wall so I put some black utility tape over the edges to give a little buffer.
Finally I added 4 small bulldog clips to the bottom with the hot glue gun so we would have a place to display all the wonderful pictures Chloe does at kindergarten.

It is hanging with the 3M velcro picture hangers as suggested in the original blog.

I had a bit of a find while we were in Whitianga to use on the board. In a $2 type store I got a sheet of printable magnetic paper for $2 (surprise!). I only got 1 as I wasn't sure if it would work, but it did. It's quite thin and the magnetic part isn't great, but I got heaps on an A4 sheet and I'm not going to be worried if they go missing.

The cut out shapes and numbers

It was very easy to cut out

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