27 Jun 2012

Brain Waves Beanie

I recently picked up a crochet needle again to see if I liked it better than knitting, and for some things it is great. Top of the list has to be beanies as it is much faster to whip one up, and easier to work in a round. I saw this pattern by Playin' Hooky Designs and had to do it. I love that it has an adult and childs pattern as I am hopeless at adjusting patterns. I already had some black and cream wool so just got some red for the alternate waves (red and black are Canterbury colours).

Hubby keeps saying that he feels like he's wearing a tea cosy, but then insists that he really likes it. I must admit that the 2 boys look really cute when they wear them together, and Alex knows that he has the same hat as daddy and loves it.

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