28 Nov 2012

Net Butterflies

I was busy getting netting for a tutu for my niece and didn't think about the weight/scratch factor properly so I ended up with some white and purple that I couldn't use. Inspiration hit and I am re-purposing the netting into little butterflies for the kids upcoming birthday party. Now I have grand ideas of making butterfly nets to 'catch' them in.

Finished Butterfly

First cut them into strips. These are approx 2.3" x 5"

Then round the corners with no precision at all

Lay on top of each other and concertina the middle - hold tight!

Wrap some cotton around the middle and knot it tight (may need some spare hands at this stage).

Grab the top piece in one hand and the bottom piece in the other hand and pull them away from each other firmly. The back pieces form the top wings and the front piece the bottom wings. If you pull hard enough they will stay like that.

Wrap a piece of pipe cleaner around the middle and twist. Curl the ends for antennae

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