19 Feb 2013

Butterfly and Monster Party

I'm afraid this is a bit late. In the time after the kids birthday's we went south for Christmas then came home and moved to Perth. I haven't been able to bring all my craft stuff with me so this year might be a little light on posts. I did bring my knitting needles and crochet hooks so I'm sure I can come up with something.

Here are some pics from the Butterfly and Monster party we did for the kids:

Monster Marshmallows, dipped in dark choc and blue coloured white chic, then dipped in 100's & 1000's and candy eyes added randomly.

Brownie shaped into balls, dipped in white choc with dark choc drizzled over the top. I have a foot choc mould that I made the feet with and attached with some more melted chic.

Monster cake - white choc mud cake. The eyes are brownie balls with green icing iris and melted choc dot pupils. The mouth is white choc and the teeth are fondant. Love the multi-nozzle tip for icing 'hair'.
Butterfly cake - choc cake with raspberry buttercream icing. The butterflies were my first attempt at marshmallow fondant and turned out OK (but not fantastic).

'How long until we can eat it!'

Found a butterfly

Looking for more butterflies with her net

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