16 Mar 2016

Themed Baking

It's quite fun to do baking around a theme. I started with reindeer biscuits for a christmas lunch at Chloe's school I saw these on the Griffins Facebook page and they were really very easy. The noses were M&M's and I drew the eyes and antlers on with chocolate icing in a little bag. 

I also saw these in a Facebook post and had to make them. My husband is a wookie fan and these were also very easy. The kids made regular gingerbread men while I added fur to a couple before cooking with a fork. Then I just had to ice on a face a bandolier with icing. Super cute!
Finally, I was presented with a challenge. We were about to watch Wizard of Oz (original of course) and my mother-in-law said we need wizard of oz snacks, to which Alex quickly said Oz cupcakes!! I went for yellow brick road and witches hats. The bottom of the hats were chocolate buttons and I used a large round tip, holding it in place to build up the bottom and then releasing pressure as I pulled up. The kids had a go with the grass tip too and they are getting quite good at it. 

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