16 Mar 2010

ABC BeanBags

This was one of the first blog posts that I wanted to make by lilblueboo. There is a great tutorial on her blog to follow, though I had to make one small change - I have yet to find freezer paper like she describes to use for stencils. Instead I printed out the letters I wanted to use, cut them out, and then traced around them onto the material with a sewing pencil.

The material I chose to use was the stack of CanTeen bandannas that I had accumulated over the years. I only had to use 4 bandannas (I have about 8) and I got 8 beanbags from each one.

The material pieces that made up 1 beanbag each

The first few letters were my trial beanbags so they turned out a little bit different. It wasn't until 'D' that I decided to use 2 colours, and I decided to outline them to make them stand out a bit.

I went to my local Bin Inn and got a large bag of the smallest beans I could find. These turned out to be some little black and some little red ones (don't know their actual names). I found the pinto beans were a bit big, and the smaller ones gave a better texture.

Once I had finished them all I realised I needed somewhere to store them so I've made up this drawstring bag to put them in, using the same letter stencils to do the lettering on the front.

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