2 Mar 2010

Mini paintings

I was at Warehouse Stationary in the craft section (very dangerous) when I saw some cute 4"x4" canvases quite cheap. I grabbed 3 and a pack of paint tubes thinking "surely I can make something with these".

I came home and spent a while searching the net for image to use. I initially thought about using cute cartoon animals, but it became apparent that, unless I magically gained skills to draw them myself, this was not going to work. I then decided on 3 basic images to use - a star, a heart and a flower. I made them the right size a printed them outMeanwhile I mixed up the colours I wanted for the backgrounds. As they are for my girls room I went for yellow, purple and pink. I mixed up enough purple and pink to use for the shapes as well so that I didn't have to try and make them again and try and match the colours. The yellow I used straight from the tube.

After letting the background dry I traced the images onto the backgrounds. To save on cutting out I just rubbed a pencil over the back of the image and drew around the shape while pressing onto the canvas. This transfers the image to the canvas easily.

Just a couple of coats for each of the images and done!

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