15 Mar 2015

Birthday Party 2013 - part 2

Wow, it has been far too long since I put something on here. Since the last post we moved back to NZ, my daughter started school and my son started kindy, we bought another house and moved JUST after their next birthdays and I now have my very own craft room. Last year I didn't have space to really do any craft stuff, but this year I have been going crazy as my sewing machine is permanently out.

But first, a catch up on the 5th Birthday Party. Here are some pics from the party (it was about 40 degC that day so we were melting!). We played a fishing game with magnets, pass the parcel, statues and water guns came out at the end. I have some more pictures on the other computer so will try and add more at some stage.

The Table: Scallop shell party bags on the left for goodies, dolphin and star shaped gingerbread biscuits, star shaped fairy bread, fruit shark and sea shapes crackers. My friend sent Ariel napkins, party hats and plates.
Finished Ariel cake. 
Hubby created this amazing fruit salad shark with banana dolphins from an image we found on the internet
 Finally, I had to add this amazing Toblerosaurus that hubby made for our boys 3rd birthday. He really wanted a dinosaur and after some google searching hubby decided that this was what he should have. I am not great with 3D stuff, but hubby took a round and a square cake and turned it into this. The toblerone pieces worked really well as spikes. The toes are white jellybeans, the eyes and nose are mini M&M's, the mouth is a slice of jelly snake and I can't remember what the whites of the eyes were. 

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