15 Mar 2015

Wedding cake - Moose toppers

When we got back to NZ I was asked to make a wedding cake for my brother-in-law. He and his now wife live in Canada at the moment and since they moved moose have been a bit of a thing. So I decided to do a simple cake with a cute fondant topper. Trouble is I have never done a real fondant topper before, and this one was going to have to be transported by plane and car from one end of NZ to the other.
I started with some trial runs to make sure I could get the right shapes, then I started making them about a month out.
The pieces - body, legs and head
The brides head sitting on a vinegar bottle to dry so it doesn't loose it's shape (I didn't have any foam)

Body with legs attached
Head in place
All put together and drying. Heads resting on silicone cupcake moulds. Flowers are just resting on top at this stage and her bouquet is drying too. The bride got a veil which the flowers were attached to with some more white fondant.
2 hat options for groom and bow tie
On the cake. I had them all made but the antlers came off in transit so I had to make new ones the day before. Thankfully I had made lots of each colour fondant and taken it all with me. I made the cakes at the location - a white chocolate mud cake and a sour cream lemon cake. I also make a dark choc mud cake as the cake was dessert and I wanted to make sure there would be enough.

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