16 Mar 2016

Chevron crochet blanket

I wanted to try out a chevron pattern so had a good look through Pinterest. There were some that just looked too difficult, but this one had a cool ridge detail as well that comes about naturally with the pattern. I used this one from Eat, Knit & DIY, though I changed how she fills in the triangles at the ends. I decided to follow the original pattern to keep it all looking uniform. I started just following the pattern size with a view to giving it to Beanies for Babies, but I fell in love with the colours and have ended up making 4 of the pattern and I will join them all into one big blanket.
The pattern for my end triangles mostly follows the pattern so if you've got the pattern sorted this should be easy to follow, but I'll put down how I count it out. I'm going to sc around the edge a couple of times which should make the edges look much tidier. 

The space you are going to fill looks like an inverted triangle with the point at the bottom. From this bottom point count 12 sc up the right side and join the wool and ch1 (this is like the first sc).
Working back toward the bottom point:
sc10, sk1, sc11, ch1 turn
sc8, sk2, sc8, sk1, ch1 turn
sc6, sk2, sc6, sk1, ch1 turn
sc4, sk2, sc4, sk1, ch1 turn
sc2, sk2, sc2, sk1, ch1 turn
sc1, sk1, sc1, slst1, finish off

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